Photographers shoot many rolls of film at events with hopes to capture just a few magical images. Those few perfect images are normally the only ones you'll ever see. The many other shots are normally filed away and forgotten - forever lost in a private archive. strives to offer every image available from the photographer's roll of film. Although it is very difficult to obtain full "sets" (rolls) of film negatives, prints of every truly printable image acquired will be offered to you.

Viewing a set of consecutive images is much more revealing than a single image. Great knowledge of the subject matter may enable key points to be determined. For example, special lighting or instrument arrangement may uncover which song was being played. As fanatics know, there can be many other important clues. For general collectors, maybe you were there that day or want a visual document to match with your audio recording of the same show.
Whatever the reason, the opportunity to own a set of pictures is rare. Each photograph is a valuable historical document, representing a time and place that will never be revisited.

All images are copyrighted. Unauthorized reproduction of images in cyberspace or any other form is illegal and strictly prohibited.


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