Led Zeppelin - 1977, June 19th

Sports Arena, San Diego, California, USA

Robert was wearing a red scarf for the first two or three minutes of the show.
"Set A" was shot during the first song - "The Song Remains the Same."
"Set B" was shot before the acoustic set.
"Set C" was shot during the acoustic set, starting with "Ten Years Gone."
"Set D" started during the acoustic set and ended during "Kashmir."
"Set E" began during "Kashmir" and ended during Jimmy's solo.
"Set F" started during Jimmy's solo and ended during "Achilles Last Stand."
"Set G" was shot during and after "Stairway To Heaven."

photographer #p03
Set A:
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Set B:
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Set C:
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Photos: 22
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Set D:
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Photos: 26
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Set E:
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Set F:
Item Number "LZ770619p03f"
Photos: 28
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Set G:
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